Welcome to
What's Happening Wrigleyville!

There is so much to do in Wrigleyville and even more is coming with the upcoming developments it can almost be overwhelming. Even as a Wrigleyville resident for over six years I still find myself thinking where should I go I head out in Wrigleyville. This is why I started What's Happening Wrigleyville.

WHW guides users through it all on this one site. The map directory is composed of sports affiliations, categories and over 30 unique criteria to fine tune what is important when finding that right place. Having a calendar view to see the events and different promotions businesses are offering allow users another way to find something fun. There is also a place to purchase specials offers called Happenin' Deals. Users can make a purchase here to get special promotional pricing when visiting participating businesses. Where blogs and the newsletters keep users informed about what's happening in the neighborhood and on the site.

I believe WHW can make an impact by helping people and businesses make Wrigleyville an even better place to live, work, and visit than it already its. We hope you are able to easily find fun things to do on our site and take advantage of the promotions and events the businesses offer.

Stay Happenin'

Philip Ferguson