Around the US and World in Wrigleyville

Around the US and World in Wrigleyville:
There are many types of food options in Wrigleyville coming from different ethnicities from around the world. Now let’s take a journey around the world throughout Wrigleyville!

The journey starts when we need to head out to O’Hare and get a plane ride from Chicago to head to the south of the US. We land somewhere in the southern US to visit a Cajun and Creole restaurant, Low Country where we can get a wide variety of seafood boils. We then have options for Southern fusion at NOLA where we can start with some Gumbo or Jambalaya. As we head southwest, past the border into Mexico, we find Northern Mexican style food at Moe’s Cantina with a variety of tacos and mesquite-grilled skewers. As we travel through the country, we stop at additional Mexican restaurants like El Jardin, El Burrito Mexicano, Big Star, and Azteca Grill. There are many taco options, burritos, quesadillas and of course queso fundido. As we head east across the Gulf of Mexico, we find ourselves in the Caribbean and the island of Jamaica to experience Irie. Here we can find Jerk seasoned chicken as well as oxtail, goat, shrimp, snapper and salmon. As we travel afar to the northeast across the Atlantic, we find another island, Ireland. The Irish Oak has traditional favorites like Shepard’s pie, Guinness shrimp, pot pies, battered fish and stew. The Full Shilling offers a variety of quarter pound sausages like big shoulders and 2nd date or build your own. Heading west into Europe we find France and Maison Parisienne. This café features a variety of beverages, baked goods as well as sandwiches, French Crepes and Belgium Waffles. As we head further south east, we find ourselves in Italy with many options available. PR Bistro offers a brunch on Saturdays and Sundays that includes the Bacon Egg Burger with American Wagyu and a fried egg. Dinner options include a variety of pastas as well as steak, salmon and pizzas. Aurelio’s is known for its pizza but also have a large selection of pastas and sandwiches. Lago Wine Bar menu includes roasted eggplant to grilled lamb chops and of course some mac and cheese. Mia Francesca’s offerings range from Alaskan halibut to pasta to pizza. With more south east travels, we are in the Middle East to enjoy some Zam-Zam and their falafel, Shawarma or Kabab sandwiches. Let’s keep going south east and stop in India for the Indian Royal Garden to have some lamb, seafood, chicken, goat or vegetarian entrees. The theme stays the same as we head south east to Thailand, where we discover Cozy Noodles and Rice with their crab ragoon and pad thai for a great combo. P.S Bangkok offers many curry dishes and extensive menu that features duck and red snapper. We go more north now to pass through Asia. At Chen’s, the Mongolian plate or General Tao’s Plate are favorites. Paul’s Noodles has pan fried noodles and chicken fried rice. Four Belly offers Asian street food like edamame, egg rolls and soft shell crab tempura. Asian Bites features a variety of Bao Buns and sushi. Let’s head west to Korea for a stop at Rice N’ Bread for Korean fusion with bulgogi entrees. West travels continue as we enter Japan, for Matusya. They have different seafood shooters and a very large selection of sushi. Now a long trip over the Pacific to find ourselves in the Midwest for some BBQ at Old Crow Smokehouse and Smoke Daddy. Both of these places have great selection of BBQ that includes ribs, brisket, burnt ends and chicken. Wow, we just racked up the frequent flier miles while tasting different foods from around the world! Instead of flying around the world to enjoy all these options, come to Wrigleyville to experience what these great restaurants have to offer!

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