Music across Wrigleyville

When many think of Wrigleyville, visions of Cubs fans and late night bar goers typically cross their mind, but not musical entertainment. WHW wants to highlight the various types and forms of music found throughout Wrigleyville. From live performances of original work to cover bands performing well known tunes, you are bound to find your new favorite artist! DJs scratch the beat in many bars and venues to dance the night away. Rock and roll, country, and today’s hits as well themed nights and bar crawls featuring 80’s and 90’s, or just boy bands songs are also seen and heard throughout the area. Prices to certain venues don’t require a cover, while others are ticketed with entrance as low as $5 up to over $100 for Wrigley Field concerts.

Moe’s Cantina features live music on select nights as well as DJs on the most weekends. Country music is available for your listening pleasure at Country Club and Old Crow. Old Crow features live music every weekend. Houndstooth has acoustic Friday nights from 7pm-10pm with no cover. Rock and Roll is played late at Trace. HVAC offers live shows after every Cubs game. Deuce’s and The Diamond Club and John Barleycorn have DJs spinning tracks of today’s hits. Dance and electronic is common at Smart Bar where there is also typically a cover charge. Metro offers many concerts of big name and local artists with ticket prices ranging from $10 to over $50, but expect to pay $20-$30 for most shows. Gman Tavern has many live music events were some have no cover and others require tickets that are typically right around $10. Sandlot offers many live performances a couple times each week. Some events are no cover while others have a small cover $5-$15. Uncommon Ground has wide variety of nearly daily live music shows that have an average ticket cost of right around $10. Underground Lounge has multiple shows per week with tickets typically $10 or under. The bar Beer features Piano Bob, requests to his own beat. Sluggers also offers pianos in a dueling fashion taking requests on weekends. Smoke Daddy features free live music daily, ranging from blues to country vibes. Based on the day of week, bands start at 3pm or the 9pm hour. Cubs games bands may start as early as 11AM.

Want to make the music yourself? Check out these places to do a little bit of Karaoke! Trader Todd’s hosts karaoke starting at 7:30. Karaoke at Beer on Clark is Thursday-Saturday. Full Shilling entertains this fun past time on most Fridays, while Murphy’s Bleacher’s karaoke starts 9PM on Fridays. Nola also has karaoke on most Saturdays and on demand.

During Cubs away games, Wrigley Field becomes a concert venue, offering 9 concerts from a wide array of musical genres. Friday July 13th Jimmy Buffett comes to town followed by Def Leppard and Journey on Saturday July 14th. Later in July on Sunday the 29th and Monday the 30th Foo Fighters perform. The only concerts in August will be a two night set from Pearl Jam Saturday August 18th and Monday August 20th. The concert series finishes with Luke Bryan Saturday September 1st, Billy Joel Friday September 7th and Fall Out Boy Saturday September 8th.

The Budweiser Concert Series features live music at Gallagher Way on select days throughout the summer where tickets need to be purchased. Sundown sessions at Gallagher way is another way to enjoy music in the park. There is live music performed by local jazz and blues artists on select evenings throughout the summer. The Line Up events at Gallagher Way are free to enjoy many different types of music from an orchestra to a percussion group.

It doesn’t matter what type of music you like-live performances to DJs, country or pop, small or large venues-Wrigleyville has it all.

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