Sports Affiliations across Wrigleyville

When the Wrigleyville neighborhood comes up in conversation, there are usually two things people think of: Wrigley Field and the sports bar. The strip of Clark Street that runs through Wrigleyville has been deemed with the most amount of bars in a small amount of area. No surprise there, right? People come out in droves to see playoff Cubs games when they play at Wrigley Field, whether they have a ticket or not. Wrigleyville bars are always spreading the Cubs love for those wanting a less chaotic atmosphere, although we all know the bars definitely turn into that after the games! Fans not only pack the bars for home games, but for away games to join in on the fun atmosphere and ambiance.
However, there are a lot of bars that have sports affiliations outside of Chicago teams. Many consist of different NFL teams but college affiliations as well. There are currently 12 NFL teams represented with businesses and college teams are typically those with an alumni group. While most of the affiliations are related to football, Graystone Tavern supports another type of football in the Chelsea FC.

Bars typically feature a few TVs, with many having over 15 different TVs and projection wall screens. Rizzo’s Bar and Inn, Old Crow Smokehouse, and Deuces and the Diamond Club, all feature large wall screens, giving off the feeling that you are really at the game (or at least as close as you can get!). Most bars with an affiliation play sound of the game while others may play their typical music.

Some bars feature UFC fights along with different boxing matches when broadcasted. Make sure to check What’s Happenin’ Wrigleyville for latest showings! El Jardin and Sports Corner are likely to have the UFC matches, while Stretch Bar and Grill broadcasts the Rough N’ Rowdy Brawls which are boxing matches.

Affiliations range from local teams such as Wisconsin and Notre Dame to those on opposite sides of the country, like UCLA and Clemson. Going from coast to coast, you have the LA Chargers showing at Full Shilling and the New York Jets at Country Club. To represent the northeast and beginning of the Midwest, Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions are featured at Road House 66, Cincinnati Bengals at Merkle’s, and other AFC North teams being represented at John Barleycorn, and the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers at Dark Horse. Irish Oak cheers on the mile high team to the west, the Denver Broncos as well as the Colorado Buffaloes. Our friends from Indiana and alumni cheer on the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame also at The Irish Oak. The cheese heads of the Green Bay Packers are represented by Clark St. Beach, Nisei Lounge, and The Sandlot. Hoosier fans can find Sluggers supporting Indiana University as well as the Indianapolis Colts. A new affiliation this year is the Jacksonville Jaguars at The Country Club, joining in state college team of Florida State. Redmond’s and Cubby Bear is where you will see fans of the purple and yellow for the Minnesota Vikings. On Saturday’s at Cubby Bear, they will be cheering on the Sun Devils of Arizona State. The pattern associated with the University of Alabama has the same namesake as the bar Houndstooth. Clemson Tiger fans can join one another at Full Shilling. Brickhouse Tavern keeps it local as it is the place to be for Illinois Fighting Illini and Northwestern Wildcats. MAC school Northern Illinois Huskies are now affiliated with Sheffield’s. Iowa fans can choose from three places with either Merkle’s, John Barleycorn or Redmond’s to cheer on the Hawkeyes. Rivalry Iowa State can be seen over at Murphy’s Bleachers. While not a typical sports bar, the LSU flag flies outside of NOLA. The Terps of Maryland get support from Dark Horse. Michigan State has two options for cheering them on at either The Stretch or Higgin’s Tavern. The Wolverines of Michigan fans can come through Roadhouse 66 to cheer for the maize and blue. Now if you are a Buckeye, stay clear of that place and head to Casey Moran’s or Old Crow Smokehouse to cheer on Ohio State University. Deuces and the Diamond Club have two Big Ten teams to cheer for in Wisconsin and Purdue. Bernie’s Tap cheers on the Wisconsin Badgers and Trace is now home to the Tennessee Volunteers. Moe’s Cantina will be cheering on the UCLA Bruins while Smoke Daddy will be showing the Nittany Lions of Penn State. A south suburbs institution, Aurelio’s Pizza, will be cheering on Norte Dame with one of their many big screen TV’s.

To find your team, there is a drop down list available on the Directory page to view all the sports affiliations. Use them in tandem with the other search features to find your go to spot to watch your favorite college or pro team. There are over 30 different sports affiliations in Wrigleyville sports bars many are offering viewing party drink and food specials. Find these on the events and promotions calendar. If your team isn’t included many bars show all the big games on their screens so no need to worry. Enjoy the upcoming football season with places to watch your favorite teams!

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