Wrigleyville: Home of the Chicago Cubs

The neighborhood named for the famous ballpark that calls it home Wrigleyville; where the Chicago Cubs also call home. The Cubs are looking to take first place in the National Central division but it is a close race and will need you at Wrigley Field cheering them on. With that being said October baseball is just around the corner and below is the playoff schedule. Thanks to ESPN to provide the schedule for the National league playoffs this year.

Wild-Card Round
Tuesday, October 2 NL wild-card game ESPN

Division Series
Thursday, October 4 NLDS A, Game 1 FS1 or MLBN
Thursday, October 4 NLDS B, Game 1 FS1 or MLBN
Friday, October 5 NLDS A, Game 2 FS1 or MLBN
Friday, October 5 NLDS B, Game 2 FS1 or MLBN
Sunday, October 7 NLDS A, Game 3 FS1 or MLBN
Sunday, October 7 NLDS B, Game 3 FS1 or MLBN
Monday, October 8 NLDS A, Game 4* FS1
Monday, October 8 NLDS B, Game 4* FS1
Wednesday, October 10 NLDS A, Game 5* FS1
Wednesday, October 10 NLDS B, Game 5* FS1
*If necessary
League Championship Series
Friday, October 12 NLCS Game 1 FOX or FS1
Saturday, October 13 NLCS Game 2 FOX or FS1
Monday, October 15 NLCS Game 3 FOX or FS1
Tuesday, October 16 NLCS Game 4 FOX or FS1
Wednesday, October 17 NLCS Game 5* FOX or FS1
Friday, October 19 NLCS Game 6* FOX or FS1
Saturday, October 20 NLCS Game 7* FOX or FS1
*If necessary

World Series
Tuesday, October 23 Game 1 FOX
Wednesday, October 24 Game 2 FOX
Friday, October 26 Game 3 FOX
Saturday, October 27 Game 4 FOX
Sunday, October 28 Game 5* FOX
Tuesday, October 30 Game 6* FOX
Wednesday, October 31 Game 7* FOX
*If necessary

Now that Wrigley Field is 104 years old updates are taking place some more noticeable than others. The privilege few have access to new clubs. Club 1914 opened this year for certain ticket holders behind home plate. The remaining three premier clubs – the Maker’s Mark Barrel Room, The W Club and the Catalina Club – are scheduled to be ready for Opening Day 2019. Also expected for 2019 is a two story retail and entertainment addition near Addison and Sheffield. Concessions and restrooms have been updated and expanded as well.
What can make a trip to Wrigley Field even better beyond getting a W; be the lucky fan who wins the 50/50 split the pot raffle. Find a uniformed Cubs Charities raffle seller to purchase your tickets and watch the pot grow until the 7th evening. The number is announced is the 9th inning but you have 10 days to claim the ticket and there is a hotline to check your number. Even if you don’t win the pot, the other half goes to Cubs Charities.
Wrigley Field is also available on both game and non-game days for tours with an option of private tours and tours onto the field to get a photo in front of the famous Ivy. A fun and unique way to take in a game is just across the street on either Waveland or Sheffield on one of the rooftops.
Check out the events and promotions calendar to check when there is a home game. Then add it to your personal calendar and purchase tickets button available linked to the Cubs website to find tickets for sale. Also make sure you check the calendar to see when there are special promotional giveaways. Those are the days you are going to want to get to the field early.
The events calendar will be updated with both home and away playoff games as soon as they are announced. GO CUBS GO!

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